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Standard Spherical Bearings

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Extra Light Section Spherical Bearings

CBB Series bearings have the same construction features as the CBA Series bearings, but with reduced dimensions, resulting in a maximum capacity two-piece spherical bearing, with the minimum cross section related to bore size.

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Light Section Spherical Bearings

CBA Series, NBA Series and PBL Series together form Alinabal's light spherical bearings line. The CBA Series features a single fractured race and a self lubricating ball. The ball and race are precision ground to assure maximum bearing surface in the load zone

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Product Image - Sperical Bearing Commercial Series

Commercial Series Spherical Bearings

COM Series is dimensionally the same as the CBA series, but features a solid outer race. This series is also available with a Teflon-lined race for a bearing with minimal clearance and extended wear.

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Heavy Section Spherical Bearings

VBC Series bearings combine a plated case hardened steel ball with a self lubricating sintered phosphor bronze race secured permanently in a low carbon, steel plated housing. These are an excellent general purpose spherical bearing.

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CRS Spherical Bearings

Steel ball, heat treated & chrome plated with low carbon steel, oil coated race.

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